Release The Hounds

from by O.C.A.D.

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(Eychi, Tamo, Ephilam, Actzhle)
(Eychi, Tamo, Ephilam, Actzhle)
(Eychi, Tamo, Ephilam, Actzhle)
(Eychi, Tamo, Ephilam, Actzhle)

Just let them burn/ When it burns you feel so alive/ We done come way to far, through way to many nights/ its been way to hard, theres been way too many fights/ there's some people who have started, when this journey wasnt thought of/ who have dearly been departed, im just speaking from the heart/ its kind of bafalling, but i aint having it, this aint a game/ you'd have gas me, to get me to actually, let them go in vein/ we cant turn back now, our sucess is waiting/ plus we're too damn close to our destination, so/ Strap Up, Move Out/ Make em back up, idont care whoes house/ Show them No mercy, Let the wolves out/ and let them know their foods out/ Release the Hounds,No mercy (3xs)/ Release the Hounds,No mercy (3xs)/ Lets go, we have come too far, just to back down no turning back now (repeat 2xs)// We need to reach the peak of/ the summit at least for, my little sister/ momma, my poppa, and the rest of my siblings/ this is deeper than whatever you've been thinking/ failure's not an option/ I promise Ill prevail ‘cause I aint stopping/ They say its the worse, when the pain isnt worth it/ So I face the adversity, and I release the hounds/ Release the Hounds,No mercy (3xs)/ Release the Hounds,No mercy (3xs)/ Just Let it burn/ when it burns you feel so alive (5xs)/ I aint tryna be legend. Im just tryna leave a message/ we gotta be respected, No apologies accepted/ so bottle the aggression. and follow me I reckon/ that I promise there’ll be restitution, i dont need confessions/ God'll be the credit, that we'll probably need to fend off all problems we'll be left with, we got to keep mind/ the king has got to be beheaded/ we'll probably eat the flesh/ and then demolish all the rest and leave the body with the peasants/ we've got to keep on trecking, so we're stomping through the trenches/ keeping honor on our chest as we just conquer the defending / hold back nothing, we just need to sound beast and unleash whats down beneath, and release the hounds/Release the Hounds, No mercy
(3xs)/ Release the Hounds,No mercy (3xs)/ Lets go, we have came too far just to back down no turning back now


from The Truth, track released November 11, 2011
Written by: Arie Dixon & Olivia Cipolla
Produced by: Arie "BeBe Boohgz" Dixon
Composed by: Olivia Cipolla & Arie Dixon



all rights reserved


O.C.A.D. New York, New York

Will we ever know the truth, and if so, when will that day come? Well O.C.A.D, Arie Dixon and Olivia Cipolla, 2 of today's "MUST LOOK OUT FOR" artists, seem to have what it takes to deliver just that. Never has there been such a versatile and innovative collection of sounds and genres, mixed with a sense of passion that captivates the minds and hearts of all generations. A MUST HEAR!! ... more

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